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I found this beautiful White Ribbon and Pearls Necklace over at Impel Clothing  for $29.00 + shipping.

I thought, well, may be I can make one myself. So, after looking and looking at the picture I decided to look for the materials around the house. I knew I have plenty of ribbon and also the pearls so I was pretty much ready to go, until I could not find the pearls anywhere. I decided to go to Joanns Fabric Store and check for some pearls, but they did not have anything that I was amazed by, te selectiong was poor there. After Joanns I went to Sierra's Craft Store. Sierra's has so many different colors, and styles of pearls, I was in heaven for a little while, until my girl started to grab all the pearls and the employees where all over us. Anyway, the pears were pretty nice and I decided to purchase natural pearl color and light blue, beautiful. I also needed some end connector, jump rings, and clasps. So, I was glad that Sierra's had everything I needed it. I ended up spending $13.00 for two sets of pearls ($5.00 each 30 pearls in each set) $2. 50 for the other things.

2 Crimp end connector
1 2in. Clain
2 Jump Rings
1 Clasp
Neddle and Transparent Nylon Threat


1. Find the color of ribbon you want for your necklace. Make sure it is a list 40 inches long or the size you want your necklace to be.
2. Get all the materials together so you can have access to it at any time you need them.
3. With transparent nylon threat and neddle ruffle the ribbon. Leave a 5 inch lenght on each end of the ribbon.
4. With transparent nylon threat and neddle start adding the pearls. Make sure you dobble sew each time so the pearls are secure.
5. After you are all done adding the amount of pearls you want, finish your necklace by adding the crimp end connector and the rest of the materials.

I also did another style! I will make some long ones this weekeng!
You can pretty much do anything with ribbon and pearls so use your imagination and CREATE!!! I can't wait to see other ideas!

Thank you!

Job Chart For Kids and Parents!

Most parenting experts agree that it's good for kids to be assigned chores. It develops a sense of responsibility and, whether they like it or not, makes them feel like they're helping their family. The easiest way for kids to keep track of what those chores are is to create a job chart that hangs somewhere around your kitchen.

Things you will need:

1. Magnets with pictures or assigns. I purchased mine at Abbie's House she has these cute chore magnets set! Perfect for little kids that don't know how to read yet, but they can still look at the picture and know what they need to do!
2. Magnetic Board. I got mine at WalMart and it works great.

 3. Vinyl Paper to make the letters. I used the vinyl from Silhouette

2. A Silhouette Machine or Cricut. I love my silhouette, specially with the new software.

4. A good helper! My little girl loves to help me so I used her help and also spend some time together. She loves to create!

1. Determine the breadth of the job chart. If you have more than one child, it's a good idea to create a job chart for each of them. Also, decide whether to create a weekly or monthly chart. I also added parents to the chart so we can also teach them by example.
2. Create the job chart. Using the silhouette and vinyl cut the name of each member of the family and added to the chart. You can also just write the names. You can also make a chart using paper and pen, with a ruler to measure off the boxes or lines you need.
3. Leave room for the sticker. However you set up your chart, leave room somewhere to mark off whether your child has completed a chore. Younger kids may like putting stickers next to the jobs they do, while older kids may want to simply check a small box when they're done. Using the magnets it makes it easy to just move them every time the kids are done with the assignment.
4. Display the chart. The fridge is the logical place to hang your child's job chart, though you may prefer a bulletin board or another central place. Use a magnet or tape to adhere it to the fridge or like I did just add some ribbon to the back and hang it to the pantry's door!

I also added GROCERY to the chart, since I always forget the stuff we need around the house. So this way I write whatever we need! You can tape b-day cards or doctor's appointments. I did my chart in spanish since we are trying to teach our kids spanish.
Hope you like it!