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Ribbon and Pearls Necklace Tutorial

I found this beautiful White Ribbon and Pearls Necklace over at Impel Clothing  for $29.00 + shipping.

I thought, well, may be I can make one myself. So, after looking and looking at the picture I decided to look for the materials around the house. I knew I have plenty of ribbon and also the pearls so I was pretty much ready to go, until I could not find the pearls anywhere. I decided to go to Joanns Fabric Store and check for some pearls, but they did not have anything that I was amazed by, te selectiong was poor there. After Joanns I went to Sierra's Craft Store. Sierra's has so many different colors, and styles of pearls, I was in heaven for a little while, until my girl started to grab all the pearls and the employees where all over us. Anyway, the pears were pretty nice and I decided to purchase natural pearl color and light blue, beautiful. I also needed some end connector, jump rings, and clasps. So, I was glad that Sierra's had everything I needed it. I ended up spending $13.00 for two sets of pearls ($5.00 each 30 pearls in each set) $2. 50 for the other things.

2 Crimp end connector
1 2in. Clain
2 Jump Rings
1 Clasp
Neddle and Transparent Nylon Threat


1. Find the color of ribbon you want for your necklace. Make sure it is a list 40 inches long or the size you want your necklace to be.
2. Get all the materials together so you can have access to it at any time you need them.
3. With transparent nylon threat and neddle ruffle the ribbon. Leave a 5 inch lenght on each end of the ribbon.
4. With transparent nylon threat and neddle start adding the pearls. Make sure you dobble sew each time so the pearls are secure.
5. After you are all done adding the amount of pearls you want, finish your necklace by adding the crimp end connector and the rest of the materials.

I also did another style! I will make some long ones this weekeng!
You can pretty much do anything with ribbon and pearls so use your imagination and CREATE!!! I can't wait to see other ideas!

Thank you



Becky Fernandez said...

Sos increible Ana!!!..te quedo genial todooo!!!!...WOW...
Lastima que no me gusten las perlas :( ...Pero me encanto el collar!..:D

Analia said...

Gracias Becks!! Como que no te gustan las perlas? ahora me pongo a hacer uno sin perlas, con piedras...vos sos de las que le gustan solo los diamantes?!!! Besos y gracias por tu comentario

Crystal Escobar said...

Oh I LOVE it!!!! So funny, because when I saw those at Impel, I thought the same thing? I was like I could make those so easy. Love your twist to them though. You are so talented. Love all the adorable stuff you come up with.

Analia said...

so funny Cristal! I love their necklaces I am thinking about making the black one!! I hope you make some and show me your ideas!!!