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Where were you born?

Hi, I am so excited to finally be able to finish this project and also write a tutorial! I saw this many year ago but I never found the right fabric for it... well, a few weeks ago I got a hold of some really good deal from Mindy Maes Market  and I followed in love with all of them.
This project is super easy so I promised anybody can do it!
So, here it's a final picture of my little project. I had 3 kids on 3 different states so I decided to make a map for each one of them...

1. Go to google and type the name of the state you want to do, like "Utah map" and print it. Make sure you print it the size you want the map to be, mine is pretty much a 8x10. Just remember that the size of the map is going to be that big and you will need a bigger frame for it!

2. Let your little ones choose their favorite colors or just whatever they like! I was surprised actually with their choices. 

3. I iron the fabric and sew all around the edges of the map. I also use color match of threat so it looked better that just using regular white.

4. After you are done sewing all the maps, IRON IT again! (Make sure you IRON, IRON and IRON!lol it would make the fabric look better!)

5. Can you notice something on this picture? This is to show you I do make mistakes too... I was so excited sewing the fabrics that I did not watch the right and wrong side of the map :(! After I was all done with Arizona, I realized the map look the wrong way... well, I was super sad, I really liked the fabric for it but it was nothing I could do about it! I print it again and use a different fabric!

6. I cut all the extra fabric and left 1/4 in to hot glue to the back of the print.

7. Find a big enough frame to put the finish state in. I do not have a great selection of frame around my town, so I ended up with the regular dark brown frames... but I think they look good for my house! Oh, I also cut three little hearts to show the city where they were born, or close to the city anyway! I think it gives the state an extra girly touch!!!

8. So now you are all ready to hang the frames!!! Hope you like it and please share your final project!!!

and you are done!!! What do you think? Let me know!


Kelsey said...

Hey Analia! It's Kelsey from Embracing Messy. I got your message but it said no-reply blogger so I couldn't respond to your email. Anyway, the link closed sine yesterday was the last day for entries, but no worries! I will manually enter yours when I get back in town tonight. Which picture would you like to have as your final submission? The first or last?

Thanks so much for entering! This is so cute!!! :) if you have any questions just let me know!