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Mom's Chevron Dress

I am so happy with this dress that I decided to share it with everyone. I love dresses, to me it is so much easier to grab a dress and shoes than have to look for a skirt and a shirt and shoes, and have all three look okay! 

I also LOVE CHEVRON, it is so in right now and it is beautiful!
So, here it is, my 

(it is not my mom's dress but moms in general lol)

Here are the colors you can choose on the chevron fabric: 

The tops can be any color, so just let me know the color and I will get it for you!

All dresses will ship on the second week of April!! Sorry, Spring Break is here and I need time with the little ones!
Knee Lengh

Chevron Color #
Shirt Color


Chevron Color #
Shirt Color


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